This is a new feature I’m trying out since my world has become all COMICS! COMICS! COMICS! lately.  I’d like to do it monthly…but we’ll see how it goes.  How is that for commitment phobia?  I’m basing these sentences of mine on the solicit cover images only – not taking into account the solicit text that comes with them…since that tends to make things worse I’ve found, instead of better.  I’ll try to be funny…but no promises.  It should also be noted that I’m primarily focusing on covers that feature female characters.

If I see a great cover that I want to acknowledge that doesn’t have a female character, it could show up here…but mostly it’s going to be tracking how well the ladies are represented.  Since Marvel is having its “Year of Women” in 2010 (the “event” kicks off in March) it’s going to particularly interesting to see how they do.  My prediction:  Not so well.  But prove me wrong Marvel, I’d honestly like nothing more.

Tune in tomorrow for 2010 April DC Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less.

We all know how much I fucking hated Marvel Divas – inside and out (but especially out) but this is GORGEOUS.  I will buy the hell out of this and hope that the inside is as good as the outside.

I’m still not clear on why Black Widow suddenly ALWAYS unzips her costume, which used to pretty much always be zipped up (maybe it’s a biting commentary on the issue of global warming?) but this unzip is less offensive than the Acuna version, so I can’t be too complain-y.

For the first time in my life I’ve become pretty interested in She-Hulk.  Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be caught dead buying this J. Scott Campbell horror show of a cover, so no money for you Marvel.  Maybe they’ll release it with a variant cover…?

As those of you who have been following my take on the Girl Comics controversy know, I’m pretty excited about this book, despite the ridiculous name.  Add to that a Jill Thompson cover?  And…SOLD!

I’m not sure Marvel has proven anything with their ‘year of women’ promos, except for the fact that they are TERRIBLE AT NAMING STUFF.  Jeez Marvel…’HER-OES’…Really?  That said, this book looks pretty female positive, and the cover is surprisingly free of any horrible female objectification, so I’m in.

I don’t read this book, but seeing the solicit image all I can think is ‘Thank the gods!  Someone has finally redesigned Colossus’ ridiculous costume!!!” I don’t know if this is a recent development or not, but it’s certainly a welcome one.

Only Skottie Young can make me want to read a book that looks like it’s about rats.

I haven’t been reading X-Factor, but this cover makes me think I should be.  Maybe I’ll pick it up.

I’m not that enamored of this cover, but I AM excited that this book is being written by powerhouse Louise Simonson.  I’ll be picking it up regardless of the ho-hum cover.

Um…if Hope really is Jean Grey as some people have been speculating (including me, in my mind) then this cover is decidedly more creepy than the surface creepiness…which is pretty high as it is.  It’s a good looking cover though, despite both the obvious and potential creepiness.

I should be excited about this because I used to just DIE for covers that featured Rogue when I was a kid…but there’s something about this that just seems…I don’t know…soulless?  Maybe I’m just not into Finch’s portrayal of characters I like (see: the Psylocke Mini).  I should just be grateful I suppose that Rogue is all zipped up and not ridiculously indecent, unlike some of her recent appearances and leave it at that.  Yay?