Rules are here.  Let’s get going!

This is pretty cool, a nice visual image…although this cover is misleading by being more interesting than the book has been of late.  I just can’t get into it…I don’t know why.  It bums me out.

I like this.  It’s moody and cool, the color choices are nice, particularly with the muted palette in juxtaposition with the sharp blood color.  I also like how the title bisects the two images…I’m into it.

Not to make this all Marvel v DC (or Wildstorm – whatever) but look at the female to male character ratio!  Hello nurse!  We’ve got six ladies and six men (if we include Maul’s arm) that is 50% people…as in a nearly accurate sampling of the actual world!  Awesome.  Also, points for the ladies being pretty appropriately dressed and not objectified.

This is totally badass.  I love how they’re each emerging from those little flat rectangle transporter discs…or whatever they are.  Why did I stop reading Authority?  I can’t remember…but I should reconsider.

I guess I just don’t like this cover artist, because I’m as unimpressed (and as uninterested) in this cover as I was the last cover even though there’s nothing really wrong with it.  It doesn’t help that I kind of hate the color purple and Steph (and her creators) feel it necessary to drape everything in purple when she’s around.  I hate that she’s made her batgirl costume purple.  If you still want to wear purple Steph…go back to being The Spoiler.  Lame.

Honestly?  This doesn’t do much for me one way or the other, but it still gets points for the ladies being for the most part appropriately dressed (even though I still hate skirts on superheroes…and heels) and no objectifying posing.

If you want to know how I feel about the return of this book with Gail Simone at the helm, go here (the short version is: YAY!).

How I feel about this cover is much less “yay” and more “really?” I’ve always hated the Black Canary fishnets thing because it’s just ridiculous, as is the Huntress bare midriff costume…and then you’ve got what’s her name in a short skirt and bare legs and heels (how is any of this appropriate for superheroing?) but the biggest thing that irks me about this cover are Black Canary and Oracle’s faces – which look eerily similar, and like they both just got back from serious plastic surgery/botox appointments.  WTF.

No women here, but this Gabriel Ba cover rocks.

Again, no ladies (or is it…I guess it could be a lady) but this Becky Cloonan cover is awesome.  If you read my 100 Best Covers posts from way back when you know what a fan I am of white space – especially when used creatively on a cover.

I read some Dv8 stuff about a million years ago and never really liked it…this makes me reconsider.  It looks completely badass and makes me super curious about what’s inside.  Bonus for the use of white space again, double bonus because it’s done by the female artist Fiona Staples that I believe drew the North 40 series.

Say what you want about Doom Patrol, but the covers are always intriguing.  I’m always like…”wtf…what is going on there…guess I better pick it up and figure it out”.  They’re always a little off the beaten path, in a good way, and rarely do I see anything objectifying.

I can’t think of anything I’d like to do less than follow in James Jean’s footsteps doing covers for Fables…but Joao Ruas does a pretty good job here.

YES – Thank you DC!  The first Gotham City Sirens cover I can pick up without having to be embarrassed.  Let’s stick with this new development…yes?  Also, it’s the most interesting of the covers we’ve seen…and maybe the most well rendered…so it’s not only the least embarrassing cover, but also the cover that has me most curious about the insides…which is the point, yes?

Unlike the Rogue cover I talked about recently, this cover is made slightly less creepy once you know the context i.e. what an “exquisite corpse” IS, and that in this issue five different authors join here to tell one.  The creepiness is also slightly lessened by one of those writers (and thus one of the hands represented in the illustration) being a woman.  However, despite the fact that this is a great illustration, I have to admit that I’d be a little more comfortable with the suggestive imagery if it was a dude corpse instead of a lady corpse.  Especially with movies like Deadgirl out there.

Words cannot accurately express my love for Darwyn Cooke…or for this cover.  Look how incredible it is…the graphic design-ish-ness, the super iconic styling, the color…ah SQUEE…I love it.  This will be bought, count on it.

Man!  Mike Allred did this (fantastic) cover AND the interiors AND Cooke did the variant AND it’s about zombies?  My expectations for this book are officially high…better bring you A game lads.

Bah.  So Fire has a ridiculous insanely low cut costume, and Ice has a a weird triangle design on her crotch…plus I think I see a freaking nipple through that spandex (or whatever it is) PLUS another layer in the form of a 1980’s cut off gym top?  I would think…since she’s ICE, she would be immune to the whole cold nipple situation…put perhaps what they’re trying to say here is that she ALWAYS has super cold nipples…as part of her power.  Yeah, sure, that’s it.  The men?  Fully covered, natch.

Well, we had a nice run there…but it looks like we’re going down.  Here we have Power Girl’s insane boob window (and not even in the “better designed” Amanda Conner version) PLUS Donna Troy’s low cut costume bullshit, and yet another example of certain artists not following the bike shorts under the skirt version of Supergirl’s costume (and yet another reason to retire the skirt entirely if you ask me).  I guarantee you that Donna, and what looks like Old Time-y Flash and Old Time-y Green Lantern are getting an eyeful.  Maybe that’s why their faces look like that.  Also, what is Batman doing flying…and without oxygen in what looks like outer space?  I hate everything about this cover.  FAIL.

Again, no ladies, but made of awesome.

Only one lady, but hey, she’s got all her clothes on and she even has pants and no zippers to creatively malfunction.  Winner!

Wow.  I hate everything about this…except the fact that our heroine is appropriately dressed.  Otherwise, everything from composition to the crazy over muscling of our poor hero there is just bad.  Also, am I seeing this incorrectly or is the size of his hand far greater than the size of her entire torso?  I mean, fine, she’s skinny and he’s got big man hands…but still…take an anatomy class why don’t you.

This is excellent all over.  My only complaint is that I wish I could read the text behind Madam Xanadu a little more clearly.  I know what it says because I read the comic…but it’s pretty hard to make out without knowing already.

I continue to love Amanda Conner (and Power Girl) despite the fact that I wrestle with some issues with the book (yes, it’s primarily the boob window issue) but this seems like a bit of a phone it in cover.  And because PG is just standing there and posing…it only draws more attention to that cursed boob window I hate.  While we’re on the subject of said boob window I also have to mention that it’s gotten so panoramic-like in the last handful of issues, that most of the time her nipples would be showing (like in the illustration above)…unless PG has unusually small ones…which only makes me hate (and focus on) the boob window even more.  It so overshadows the good stuff going on in the comic…I wish they’d just bite the bullet and change it.  All that said, I would buy the shit out of those boots if they really existed.

Oh look…it’s a book about complicated pouches and belts.  I’ve been waiting for them to do a book about this.  I hope they do a Marvel/DC crossover guest starring Cable and Shatterstar.

This one doesn’t really count as it’s a hardcover release (unlike the rest which are saddle stapled soft covers) but it’s too great not to get featured here.  Huge points for the creativity…and the unique use of the title.  Great cover.  I’ll be picking this up for sure.

This is pretty great if you can get over the fact that she has no head.  Which some of you may realize is a big leap for me.  But I’ve decided I like it anyway…it has a nice sense of humor which takes it a long way.

I love this with a love that is almost unnatural.  In fact, let’s not talk about it anymore.  Don’t look at me in the eyes!

Blech.  ‘Nuff said.

This is no home run, but it’s got some nice flow and composition to it.  As a bonus the female characters are handled pretty well.

I have nothing nice to say…so I will say nothing.

This however, is fantastic.  Very visually compelling from a composition standpoint.

Judging by Maul’s presence I guess this is the other (slightly less interesting half) of Authority 22 from above.  I find this less interesting than the other piece (as I said) but the ladies are pretty well and respectfully represented.  They also, much like the other half of the cover (and unlike all the Marvel covers I posted the other day) do a great job percentage wise.  They make up 6 of 13 characters – so nearly 50% on this side, and exactly 50% on the other side (I counted Maul earlier but not this time).  You won’t get those odds anywhere at Marvel.

I gotta be honest…I love Nicola Scott and I’ve recently learned I love Wonder Woman…but I can’t get on board with this cover.  I love that she’s looking super buff (look at those shoulders and arms! awesome!) but there’s something wrong with this…I think maybe her head is too small…or her neck is too short…?  Or a combination of both?  I’m not sure but it’s bumming me out, because it has a lot of potential.

I actually love this.  I know, I know…why can Zatanna get away with fishnets and Black Canary can’t…well, it’s simple…this outfit is pretty well based on an existing (though historical) model of the idea of magicians.  So I tend to give Zatanna a pass on fishnets…and when you take that away as a problem…this is just awesome.  The composition, the mix of lights and darks, the posing, the lack of her tits falling out of her costume, etc.  I love it.  I’ll be buying it.