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Adventure Comics #519.

Superman: “And if all my other superpowers don’t work on him then I’ll just drop this tractor on him, that’s what I’ll do!  See if he can handle this gosh darn tractor!”

Most of the Bat books. This sure makes doing these posts more difficult.

Batman Confidential #49. Riddle me this…why are blimps so awesome?  Answer:  Nobody knows.  But we put them in comics and movies whenever we can.

Batman Odyssey #4.  JESUS.  This is horrifying.  Why does Batman have a huge chunk of straw like hair in his clutches…?  And WTF is up with his eyeballs?!  I can’t unsee this.

Booster Gold #37. Booster’s hilarious expression totally saves this cover from mediocrity.  That’s some kind of heroing Booster.

DC Comics Presents: Ethan Van Sciver #1. I give this plus one for Selina’s boots appearing to be flat combat boots (thigh highs, but still).  Unfortunately it gets minus one for a perm from hell; minus one for a belt that would do nothing but jangle around (no good for a thief); and minus one for actual whiskers that serve no purpose and look regoddamndiculous.

DC Comics Presents: Superman #1. This is awesome.  Superman with blood and fangs and tons of awesome iconic looking bats along with a shit eating grin?  Sign me up for whatever the hell this is.

DC Comics Presents: Young Justice #1. WTF is going on with Wonder Woman’s hair.  No, seriously…WTF IS GOING ON WITH IT?  IT’S THE WORST HAIR I’VE EVER SEEN.  Also, I don’t know if anyone is concerned with this, but it appears that the roller coaster track ends quite abruptly in the lower right hand corner?

DC Universe Halloween #1. I should be into this because I freaking love Halloween and it’s really well drawn. But I can’t tell what is remotely going on…and they all look about half a second from colliding into each other bizarrely.

Doom Patrol #15. Here’s the great thing about Doom Patrol…it’s always so crazy that the insane WTF covers almost make sense.  Crazy.

DV8 #7. This is fantastic.  I love juxtaposition of the the black space and the sun/white space.  It breaks up the cover beautifully.  The colors are also really nice, kind of muted but also strong.  I also like the reflection that really grounds Freestyle so that she doesn’t feel like she’s floating.  Another great Fiona Staples DV8 cover, I have loved ALL of these.

Fables #100.  I’m not really wowed by this illustration, but the text is unbelievably awesome.  Also, this suggests that Rose will finally get out of bed, which is good, because I’m sick of that storyline.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors 4. That dude in the back (with the kind of feminine hand?)…totally going for a bit of Green Lantern’s ass.

House of Mystery #30. Womp!  This is really effective.  Especially around the super creepy eyes.  The really vibrant wallpaper is a good juxtaposition too with the crazy head unraveling.

iZombie #6. Despite the fact that this has some cool stuff on it like a giant monkey (chimp?) head, a mummy dude, a dog man, a zombie, and a ghost chick, I can’t help but be disappointed compared with last month’s awesome cover.

JLA/The 99 #1. This is the first cover I’ve seen since the new Wonder Woman look debuted that includes Supes, Bats, and Wondy.  And as I (and many others) predicted, she gets totally lost.  She just looks like some other character hanging out with Superman and Batman, not WONDER WOMAN.  So disappointing.  I guess it’s good to be right about stuff sometimes…but it feels empty in this case and is seriously bumming me out.

On a side note, one of the things I’m NOT okay with in the new Wonder Woman “situation” is that Diana has been apparently de-aged (because does ANYONE think she’s 21?  WTH).  And I didn’t know how they were going to deal with it as far as integrating her or not into the rest of the DCU…because she’s not a character that can just exit for a year…and so here we see her (again, looking very much not 21…but supposed to be being 21?)…ugh, sometimes I hate comics.

Justice League International: Generation Lost #12. Despite the fact that I love the colors on this, and those super hot boots, I don’t really love the face here, or the hair, or the snow/ice effects.  Too bad, cause a lot of it is really working.

Justice League of America #50. And here we have exhibit 5,945,938,844 of why the skirt still doesn’t work for me…there’s no way she’s wearing bike shorts here.  And now that’s what I think of every time I see Supergirl…is she wearing the bike shorts…or no (she’s usually not)?  And that’s not what I want to be thinking.  Totally unrelated (to bike shorts) side note: This posing sucks donkey balls.

Madame Xanadu #28. Wow.  This is Buckingham’s best Madame Xanadu yet.  What an end to his “five senses” series of covers.  I love everything about this, from the realistic beautifully rendered mouth, fork, and skull, to the great graphic red, orange and yellow print background, to where the print breaks the frame, to the use of blue on the sidebar.  Man!  This is my favorite cover this month by a country mile.

Power Girl #17. Here’s the thing, I always hate the fucking boob window, and I always will, but sometimes it looks WAY more ridiculous than others, this is one of those times.  Especially with that super serious pinched expression on her face.  Ridiculous.  Also ridiculous?  Look at the size of her head compared to the size of her boob.  I have a kind of small head (in my own opinion) and big boobs (according to everyone) and my boob still doesn’t come close to being the size of my actual head, let alone dwarfing it considerably.  Hate this.

Secret Six #26. My instinct is to say this is too stiff, but I really like it despite that.  The illustration is good, the colors are gorgeous and Scandal Savage’s shiny pants are awesome. Win!

Spirit #7. JEZUS H!  I’m totally going to dream about eyeballs and syringes now.  Thanks Spirit, thanks.

Supergirl #57. See, now here I can believe she’s got the bike shorts on because Amy Reeder’s Supergirl wears about 50% more clothes than most other Supergirls (and I am WAY on board with that) however…if you were Supergirl and you were in space…would you really want your skirt flying up?  I mean, it would be sooooo annoying.  So this image is awesome and I love that Amy Reeder acknowledges that this IS what would happen, but I remain firmly anti-skirt!

Supergirl Annual #2. I’m usually not a fan of the whole “no background background” but Reeder wins me over here with her awesome colors and the great illustration of the background figures.  Saturn Girl looks particularly sassy and Phantom Girl has this awesome curvy look that I’m so into.  Officially awesome despite weird no background background!

Superman #704. I want to say this is cliche and ineffective, but damn if it isn’t pretty effective.  Nice work Mr. Cassaday, you got me again.  :slow clap:

Superman Batman #77.

Plus one for a fantastic expression on Supergirl’s face.

Plus one for anything Halloween related (I said I was a fan).

Plus one for Damian’s perfect snarky all too pleased with himself look.

Minus one for whatever is going on with Damian’s shoulder/hood thing (grey?).

Minus one for Supergirl’s unbelievably short skirt.

Minus one for no biker shorts (yeah, again, NO WAY are there shorts under there).

Minus one for boots that look like Supergirl got them from her momma’s closet.

Minus one for two water ballons stuffed down her shirt.

Minus one for a waist slightly larger than her neck.

Final score?  -3.  Fail.

Unknown Soldier #25.  Wow.  SO compelling.  Great stuff.  I really, don’t have words…but do you even need them?  It kind of speaks for itself.

Untold Tales Of Blackest Night #1. More Donna Troy and her amazing magical starlit sky body paint!  I love that even her magical body paint needs to be cut down to her ribcage…y’know, in case we’re not already seeing enough.

Unwritten #18. Very nice.  A great use of color and composition.  Plus the combination of more fully rendered with simple more iconic outlined images is very cool.

Wonder Woman #604. Kelly not happy.  KELLY SMASH!

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