And when I say “the year” I mean since last year’s comic-con in San Diego.  That’s right, in honor of SDCC 2010, which I am, again, not able to attend I thought I’d do a list of my 52 favorite covers since last year’s comic-con, so essentially July 2009 – July 2010.*

I’m not going bore you with lengthy descriptions about what I respond to in each image, but if you frequent this blog with any regularity, the choices will not surprise you.  My tastes skew to specific things like anyone, and I reward covers that cater to those personal tastes.  For example, as a woman, I tend to be interested in covers with female characters and at the same time you’re unlikely to see many covers with a lot of objectification and hyper sexualization.  As an artist (but only sorta, and a crappy one at that) I tend to be a bit of a snob about what I think is a good or bad cover – good often involves highly graphic images, lots of great negative space, interesting/solid composition, single figures, white space, and good integration of text into the image.

I’m sure I missed a bunch of great covers anyway and, as always, I never feel great about the order, but I tried my best!

If after this list you only desire to see MORE comic covers, then check out my 100 Best Comic Covers list of last year here, here, here, and here.  As well as my “already second guessing myself” modified list here.

Next year SDCC, next year!

52.  Wonder Woman #40.  Aaron Loprestri.

51.  Batman Confidential #40.  Sam Kieth

50.  Red Robin #3.  Francis Manapul.

49.  Heralds #1.  Jelena Djurdjevic.

48.  Punisher Max: Butterfly #1.  Laurence Campbell.

47.  Batgirl #1.  Phil Noto.

46. Beasts Of Burden #3. Jill Thompson.

45.  Joe The Barbarian #5.  Sean Murphy.

44.  American Vampire #1.  Rafael Albuquerque.

43.  Fables #88.  Joao Ruas.

42.  Spider-Woman #4.  Alex Maleev.

41.  Marvelous Land Of Oz #6.  Skottie Young.

40. Greek Street #4. Jock.

39. Human Target #3.  Sean Phillips.

38. Girl Comics #2.  Jill Thompson.

37.  X-Men Legacy #234. Clay Mann.

36. Marvelous Land Of Oz #3. Skottie Young.

35. X-Men Legacy #225. Daniel Acuna.

34. Supergirl #43.  Joshua Middleton.

33. Birds of Prey #3. Cliff Chiang.

32.  New Mutants #13.  Adi Granov.

31. X-Babies #3.  Skottie Young.

30. Sense & Sensibility #2.  Sonny Liew.

29. Unknown Soldier #13.  Dave Johnson.

28. Detective Comics #854.  J.H. Williams III.

27.  Unwritten #1. Yuko Shimizu

26. Batman: Streets of Gotham #7.  Dustin Nyugen.

25.  DMZ #52.  John Paul Leon.

24. Invincible Iron Man #21.  Salvador Larocca.

23.  Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love #3.  Chrissie Zullo.

22. Stumptown #1.  Matthew Southworth.

21.  Madame Xanadu #24.  Mark Buckingham.

20. Northlanders #29.  Massimo Carnevale.

19.  Black Widow #4.  Daniel Acuna.

18. SIF #1. Travel Foreman.

17. Secret Six #21.  Danny Luvisi

16.  The Last Unicorn #2.  Renae De Liz.

15.  Batman & Robin #1.  Frank Quitely.

14.  Firestar #1.  Stephanie Hans.

13.  DV8: Gods & Monsters #1. Fiona Staples.

12. DMZ #46. John Paul Leon.

11. Girl Comics #1.  Amanda Conner.

10. World’s Finest #3.  Phil Noto.

9.  Demo #4.  Becky Cloonan.

8. Nomad Girl Without A World #3.  Rafael Albuquerque.

7.  Daytripper #6.  Gabriel Ba.

6.  Madame Xanadu #17.  Amy Reeder.

5. Fables #96.  Joao Ruas.

4.  I, Zombie #1.  Darwyn Cooke.

3.  Demo #3.  Becky Cloonan.

2. Detective Comics #857.  J.H. Williams III.

1.  DV8: Gods & Monsters #2.  Fiona Staples.

Graphic Novels weren’t eligible for this list, per the guidelines, but there were a few really fantastic original graphic novel covers that I loved and wanted to single out, so here are my top five from the last year.

5.  Wet Moon 5: Where All Stars Fail To Burn. Ross Campbell.

4.  Revolver. Matt Kindt.

3.  Dark Rain: A New Orleans Story.  Simone Gane.

2.  Greendale.  Cliff Chiang.

1.  Shadoweyes. Ross Campbell.

And that’s it.  What about you guys…favorites for the past year?

*Because comics are generally dated a month or two after they are actually released, there’s a bit of a fudging of the numbers/eligibility.  For example, I included Madame Xanadu #24 , which has an “official date” of August 1, 2010 and as such wouldn’t be eligible, but since that issue actually released 6/30/10 I considered it eligible.  It makes for a bit of grey area around the dates, but I did the best I could.