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I had a few that I loved from Black Widow #5 illustrated by Daniel Acuna this week, but I decided to go with this one at the last minute.  Something about a badass spy, holding a hostage and a smoking gun while telling heroes like Wolverine and Captain America that they should have waited in the parking lot is just hilarious and awesome to me.

And before you panic that I’ve totally lost my mind by posting something that looks like it’s essentially clothing unzipped to Natasha’s stomach – it totally works in the context of the story – which is all I ever really ask for.  CONTEXT.  🙂

A new She Has No Head! – about the Black Widow series thus far as it wraps up its first arc and loses the fantastic creative team of Marjorie Liu and Daniel Acuna.

Here are the “rules“.

And if you’d like to see the full November 2010 Marvel solicits head over to CBR.

Amazing Spider-Man #649. Is that a flaming sword in your pocket…or are you just happy to see me?

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I love that Tim Miner from 5 Minute Marvels took my complaints about the otherwise awesome Valkyrie’s costume so seriously.  Seriously enough that he sent me a re-design and did a post about it.  Love it!

It also got me thinking that while there are some great elements to Valkyrie’s look, she’s way overdue for a makeover, especially with the breastplate/headlight situation.  What do you say Project:Rooftop?  Can that be the next redesign contest?  I would even get in on that one.

My copy of Shadoweyes finally arrived (which I ordered months ago on Amazon).  And it is BEAUTIFUL.

I immediately sat down and read it again.  And it’s even more wonderful reading it in print, than the digital advance copy I was lucky enough to see months ago.  If you want to know more about Shadoweyes, I wrote a review (and there are exclusive preview pages) on She Has No Head!, here.

There’s also an interview with Ross Campbell here, and an in-depth creator spotlight here.  I’m a huge fan, and reading this book can help you know why – it’s my favorite of his work to date – by a significant margin.  Make sure to check it out!

You can buy Shadoweyes at SLG here, on Amazon here, at Barnes & Noble here, or at your local comic book store.

Saturday, August 28th is reading comics in public day.  DC Women Kicking Ass has all the details – check it out and participate if you can!

Also, if you like this look of this freaking adorable drawing by Agnes Garbowska, know that I’m planning a post of one of my favorite things – cute superheroes.  Prepare yourselves!

DC Superheroines By Agnes Garbowska

Here are the “rules“.

And if you’d like to see the full November 2010 DC solicits head over to CBR.

A lot of really great stuff this month.  It has me looking forward to November!

Batwoman #0. OMYFUCKINGGOD.  THIS LOOKS SO AWESOME.  If anything can pull me out of my mainstream comics related funk it’s this book.  November cannot come soon enough!

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As I’ve mentioned on She Has No Head! recently, I’ve been struggling with mainstream comics lately, feeling burned out and frustrated.  In an effort to see the silver lining, I’m going to try to pick a panel every week that stands out and makes me deliriously happy in its awesomeness.

This week’s winner (by a long shot) is: Valkyrie, guest starring in Avengers Academy #3, and proving that not only should she be a guest star more frequently, but that she deserves her own ongoing series.  I would buy the hell out of a book in which Valkyrie shows off her hilarious badassitude with regularity.  So fun.

Despite the awesomeness present however, this panel helps prove that Valkyrie desperately needs a new/revised costume…as the metal boob craziness doesn’t work, even in Mike McKone’s capable hands (er, that came out wrong).

A new She Has No Head! is up – a spotlight on phenomenal comic and graphic novelist Rutu Modan.

Excerpt from Modan's Queen of the Scottish Fairies, from her Mixed Emotions series for The New York Times

A new She Has No Head! about Ben Caldwell’s YA Wonder Woman Pitch, and the need for mainstream comics to court new readers, and women readers, is up.



SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th 11:30 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!

A new She Has No Head! is up – a review of Matt Kindt’s excellent new graphic novel Revolver from Vertigo.

I cannot contain my excitement over reading Ben Caldwell’s Wonder Woman pitch to DC.  C’mon DC, take a chance, this is some really exciting wonderful beautiful stuff…it could jump start a whole trend. You can read more here on Caldwell’s blog as well.

As I’ve said before…capturing women readers, most especially young women readers, is a huge challenge, but the rewards will be so great if anyone can manage it (did you know girls and women make up approximately 80% of fiction readership?) the spoils will be seriously significant.  Just because Minx didn’t quite work, or Manga stuff is getting pulled, or Wonder Woman’s ongoing title isn’t crazy successful, or “kids books are loss leaders” doesn’t mean the right combination of those things won’t work – i.e. the most powerful female superhero of all time with a dynamic female friendly beautiful art style, a fresh perspective and look, free of heavy continuity, in a book that comes out as a digest and might be easily found at the grocery store check out next to Archies…sounds like an insanely winning combination.  And the kind of thing that would have alerted someone like me to superheroes very early on…instead of having to wait until I discovered the X-Men cartoon at 16.

Yes, it’s a risk, yes it might not work, but if it does the pay off is HUGE.  Fortune favors the brave and all that DC.  You should give it a chance, put the full force of DC behind it, commit to it, just do it…and see what happens. The first comic book company to figure this out (how to capture and keep women readers) are going to be freaking kings…don’t you want another shot at that?




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