Here are the “rules“.

And if you’d like to see the full January 2011 DC solicits head over to CBR.

Woof.  I’m a big fan of single figures and white space…especially when paired together well, and I’m all for awesome branding and the graphic design of logos, but seeing all the books like this for one big solicit was pretty dull to digest.  I get what DC is doing, it’s maybe even smart from a branding and icon standpoint, but it made for some dull, dull, dull covers this month.

Also, while some of these logos are great…some really blow.

Adventure Comics #522. Oh shitty cover…how do I hate thee…let me count the ways!  #1. Lightning Lass has no goddamn pants on.  #2. Phantom Girl has…I mean, I don’t even know what to fucking call whatever the hell she has going on (ETA: boob ladder!  thanks Caanan!).  #3.  Dawnstar…I mean…seriously? I didn’t think there was something worse than Phantom Girl…and yet, here it is!  Right next to her!  #4.  Shadow Lass’ costume is also totally inappropriate but looks kind of cool and even conservative in comparison to the other three, so I feel kind of crazy complaining.  Oh, #5. That logo blows.

On second thought, I rescind #4, as apparently Shadow Lass’ costume apparently usually looks like this:

So the Morticia Adams get up on the cover is WAY better than this tacky gothic binki bullshit.

Batman Confidential #52. Ouchy.  Don’t worry, if I know anything about comics, he’ll be okay.

Batman 706. Classic Bat logo looks sweet.  You shouldn’t fuck with things that already rock perfectly like the bat symbol.

Batman Inc. 3. I don’t love this Batman Inc. logo, but I don’t hate it.  I do kind of hate the rest of this cover though.  I’m also really sick of giant signatures cluttering up artwork…especially on a white space like this.

Batman & Robin 19. I feel like the Robin part of this logo kind of overwhelms the Batman part…which doesn’t really work for me, but it’s not horrible.  The rest is okay…I’d say it’s stunningly mediocre.

Batgirl 17. I guess I just feel really really grateful that this goddamn logo isn’t purple.  I despise this purple atrocity with its yellow leg pouches.  Blech.

Birds of Prey 8. Woof. This sucks.  But I suppose it’s no surprise that I don’t like it considering I’m a well documented non-fan of Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.  And that logo is a mess, it needs to be massively simplified.  These girls got hosed.

Batman Streets of Gotham 19. This is great.  I don’t think that card works very well as a logo, but it makes a nice comic cover.

Brightest Day 17. Hmm.  That simplified A works pretty well on Aquaman’s belt…but it works not at all as a logo on its own as far as I’m concerned.  So far this is a lot of miss on the logo front…seems like DC needed another year or two to work on these rather than just slapping together the first thing they found…or what already sorta existed.

DC Comics Presents: Lobo 1.  Man…Superman is working a serious swimmers body here…ALL shoulders and no hips.  I kinda dig it in a weird way…but that may just be my obsession with swimming…

DC Comics Presents: Atom 1. Under normal circumstances I don’t know that this cover would rank…but in a sea of logos and white it’s a welcome distraction.  The action effect is kinda cool.

Detective Comics 873. And if there’s anyone that can make a logo and single image on white work it’s Jock.  It’s amazing how much completely badass skills, more innovative posing, and a few bats in the background can do.

DMZ 61. Wow.  Awesome.  John Paul Leon is so fucking good.

Doc Savage 10. I’m not sure ‘Doc Savage’ is supposed to be a logo…and it doesn’t really work as one, but it’s a nice title.

Doom Patrol 18.  But this works wonderfully.  Great clean simple cool logo and some cool action-y superhero stuff.  Nice.

Driver 1 Special. I don’t think I’d ever buy a comic based on a video game, which I’m pretty sure this is…but one way to make me think for just a split second that I would is to give it an awesome Jock cover.  I love the colors and effects used here.

Fables 101. Another way to get me think about buying your book is to put a monkey on it.  Yay!  This is great.  As always a nice integration of the title/text with the image, some wonderful composition, darks and lights, and textures.

Gotham City Sirens 19. Oy. I could go my whole life without seeing Selina’s costume unzipped like this again.  It’s just so goddamn predictable and boring. Also, the ladies (much like the birds) got hosed on their logo.  Looks like some phoned in bullshit to me.  An souped up S with a diamond behind it?  Really?

I, Zombie 9. Um, I love Mike Allred, but this isn’t working for me.  His I, Zombie covers have been huge hit or misses for me…some of the best covers over the last year have belonged to him via I, Zombies and some are just not quite there.

Jonah Hex 22. I don’t really know that this works as a logo, but it makes a pretty good title.

JSA All-Stars 14. I don’t know why it’s all ladies on here (like Adventure Comics solicit was as well) though I’m not complaining.  I’m also pleased that all these ladies are pretty appropriately dressed overall.  Perhaps DC is trying to make it up to me for that Adventure Comics trainwreck?

Northlanders 36.  I don’t love this as much as December’s blow my mind beautiful cover, but it’s still pretty gorgeous and amazing.  But it’s Massimo Carnevale, and he does a lot of beautiful covers I respond to, so I really expect no less.

New York Five 1. Oooooh!  I didn’t LOVE Wood and Kelly’s New York Four, but this looks really appealing to me.  I’m excited.  Nice limited palette and has a very cool vibe to it.  I’m down.

Power Girl 24. Ugh. Another shitty logo for the ladies.  I don’t know if that random blue circle is supposed to represent the boob window, although I wouldn’t be surprised, OF COURSE some dudes would want to work it into her fucking branding, but it sucks regardless.  It’s like one step below the S with the diamond shape behind it.

Rachet & Clank 5. This is kind of awesome.  Should I be reading this?

Red Robin 19. I guess some guys got screwed on logo branding like the ladies…though Red Robin has had this shitty logo for a while now.  An example of a good design that went a bit too far…I mean if you didn’t know his name was Red Robin would you have ANY clue what that symbol was supposed to represent?

Scalped 45.  Scalped always brings the creepy/cool.  This month is no exception.

Secret Six 29. This logo is pretty great, I think if they’d taken it just a bit further in the simplification/stylized department it’d be a homerun.  Still cool as is.  I also like this group shot of the team, though I wish since Jeanette’s costume is cut so low we could get a bit more coverage for Scandal.  Whatever.

Steel 1. Super creative, right?  It’s made of STEEL…wink wink, nudge nudge!

Superboy 3. Am I the only person that finds the super pets totally stupid and ridiculous?

Supergirl 60. Amy Reeder is some Supergirl drawing badass – I love how Supergirl (and her costume) looks here – it’s great.  But do we want to address the giant pink S in the room?  Oy.  Just go read DCWomenKickingAss…she already said it better than I can.

Superman Batman 80. Fiona Staples comes REALLY close to making me not hate this new Batman costume…in fact…I don’t hate it here…but I still think we should change it.

Superman 707. This is a rare miss for me with John Cassaday.  It’s a bit up Clark’s nose for my comfort…kinda weird.

Teen Titans 91. This looks like a pep boys logo.  Can the Teen Titans fix my carburetor?  If so they’re more useful than I thought.

Unwritten 21. Ooohh. Pretty. I love the depth in this one, and the color choices, very nice.

Wonder Girl 1. I’m not a big Wonder Girl fan…in truth I find her hugely annoying whenever I’ve read her (which in fairness is not much)…this logo looks good…but I just…can we talk about this outfit?  I mean…so it’s just jeans and a shirt?  Is she (with Superboy I guess) the laziest superheroes ever?  I just don’t really get it.

Wonder Woman 607. Ugh.  I’m so tired of talking about Wondy’s new costume. I still hate it.  In fact, I hate it more than I first did.  When oh when will it go away?

Young Justice 0. The cartoon-y style of this really appeals to me.  Very fun.

Zatanna 9. AND THE WINNER FOR WORST NEW LOGO….ZATANNA!  Seriously dudes?  A hat?  A top hat?  Which she almost never wears by the way, except when performing.  Ugh.  Is there a cooler letter to draw than a Z?  Is there a better letter to turn into a logo?  Oy.  I don’t have words.  Also, since when did Zatanna get both legs amputated below the knee?