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Some good stuff this week, but much like cover of the week…nobody could compete with J.H. Williams and Amy Reeder on Batwoman #0.  That said, because of the way it was structured and drawn, it was almost impossible to pick a single panel…so you’re getting a whole page.  Enjoy!

Also, check out my review of Batwoman #0 on She Has No Head – as well as our discussion of Batwoman #0 on our second episode of 3 Chicks Review Comics, which goes up today at 2pm on Comics Should Be Good.

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Come by She Has No Head! and read what I thought about J.H. Williams III’s much anticipated Batwoman #0.

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Artwork by Zugma

The “hot topic” section in my new 3 Chicks Review Comics podcast with Sue of DC Women Kicking Ass and Maddy of When Fangirls Attack! was about a Buffy film remake sans Joss Whedon, and tangentially the lack of a Wonder Woman film.  Sue made an excellent point that perhaps Hollywood didn’t care much for the existing fan base and was simply trying to capture the “Twilight” audience with a Buffy remake, and I think she’s right.  But reading this piece from the LA Times, confirms my suspicions that Hollywood is totally deluded about the Buffy fanbase that exists and what it wants.

This quote by Charles Roven (a producer involved with Batman Begins) is so misinformed and ignorant about the Buffy fanbase that it’s hard to have confidence in anyone involved: “There is an active fan base eagerly awaiting this character’s return…”

Um. No. There IS an active fan base, but it’s in love with a character and world created by Joss Whedon (and his devoted team of actors, writers, and producers) and that character and world WILL NOT be reproduced in a re-vamped movie.  Anyone remotely interested in this, please keep in mind that as I understand it nothing you love of the television show: Willow, Xander, Anya, Oz, Angel, Spike, Wesley, Riley, Cordelia – even Giles will exist in this remake.  Those are creations of the television show, not the film – the film has no rights to those characters. Buffy and the slayer concept is the sole hold over from the movie to the television show (everything from the city Buffy lives in, to her Watcher is different), and Buffy and the slayer concept sound as if they will be the sole hold over to the new film.  And I think most of us agree, that as much as we love Buffy, that she’s not much without those other characters.

Is it possible that new writer will be able to come in and build a great new supporting cast and storyline around a retooled Buffy?  Sure.  But in order for it to be good and not feel like a complete rip off of the television show it’s going to have to be so different from the original…that I’m not sure why WB is bothering?  Why not just come up with something NEW?  If Ms. Whit Anderson has such a fresh interesting take on these things, why not just let her create something new…is that so unfathomable?  Why try to co-opt something fans love and want preserved respectfully in its original form and via its original creators instead of just creating something NEW to capture those young “Twilight fans”?  There are infinite vampire stories to be told – some of them are even good – why not go there instead of disrespecting something that already owns its place in the world.

I also have to say, as a writer who, like Ms. Anderson, grew up on Buffy (and based on the article she clearly proclaims a loves and respects for Buffy), I would NEVER deign to even touch Buffy without Joss Whedon’s okay.  And I find it a little hard to believe that Ms. Anderson respects and loves the material as she purports but is also more than willing to go against Whedon’s wishes and do this remake that shuts out all original creators.  There’s an argument to be made that if Anderson doesn’t do it someone else will…and that’s totally valid, and is probably just one more reason why I’m not crazy successful and rich.  Doing the right thing…it doesn’t usually make you rich, what can I say?

Anyway, if you have any doubts about the fan base Warner Brothers…take a look at the comments on the LA Times piece…332 and counting, and they swing wildly toward the negative.

I for one, don’t believe in Buffy without Joss (and maybe not Joss without Buffy? Whoa…just blew my own mind) and will be boycotting for sure.  And probably talking about it…a lot.  Prepare yourselves.

15, 060 words / 48 pages

Woo.  Still way behind with only three days to go, but it’s hard to feel bad.  I like what I’ve got, and I’ve written more this month than I have in an age, and this experiment has pushed me so hard to solve problems with the plot and world building.  Had I not done this I suspect I wouldn’t have worked on this book at all…instead I have a nice chunk (and hopefully maybe 10 to 15k more to come) and a lot of the world building and characters and plotting ironed out – which in pseudo science-fiction/post apocalyptic books like mine – is a lot of the battle.  So though I’m disappointed there’s not more by now, it’s still a hell of a start to the new novel…I think depending on where I end up I’ll try to keep this same attitude and finish a draft by January 1st, even though December is going to be part hell and part heaven from a busy/commitments standpoint.  We’ll see.  I’ll keep updating, at least through November 30th.  Tomorrow at least should be one more good day of words…maybe I can get to 25K.

There were some really nice covers this week including Travel Foreman’s Black Widow #8, the lovely (and bittersweet) final cover to Madame Xanadu #29 by Mark Buckingham, and Jock’s very cool Detective Comics #871, but nobody could hang with J.H. Williams III and my girl Batwoman for Batwoman #0.  Bathe in the awesomeness:

Happy Thanksgiving to those Americans that celebrate it.  I mostly celebrate having two days off…which at this point in my life is a massive luxury.

It’s here!  My new podcast comics review venture with fellow lady bloggers Sue of DC Women Kicking Ass and Maddy of When Fangirls Attack.  Podcasts will be going up weekly via Comics Should Be Good – Tuesdays at 2pm.  Check us out now!

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Update: Some linkage on Scans_Daily and at DC Women Kicking Ass

This panel from the very first page of Batman Inc. #1, by Yanick Paquette is pretty damn hard to beat…you can see why…

New She Has No Head! is up – a review of Sarah Glidden’s How To Understand Israel In 60 Days Or LessCheck it out!

Man I wish comics were more like this more regularly.  Let me just go on record as saying that I would buy Marvel’s Strange Tales II monthly…forever…I’d even buy it weekly forever.  It’s true that anthologies are always a bit of a mixed bag, because every story is not equal, at the same time while my favorite piece may be a Kate Beaton piece, someone else may prefer something completely different, so there’s also room in an anthology for everyone to find something to fall really in love with.  The price tag on these is high ($4.99) but it’s 48 pages and the first two issues this year were some of the most enjoyable comics reading I’ve done all year…and that’s worth quite a bit to me.

Check out a few preview pages here, if you doubt me.  And you can see more pages, and a longer write up here.

By Michael DeForge

Written by Nick Gurewitch and illustrated by Kate Beaton

By Eduardo Medeiros

And of course the great Ivan Brunetti Cover, so you know what to look out for. Strange Tales II #3 releases on December 8th, 2010.  Don’t forget to ask for it at your shop.

By Ivan Brunetti

Here are the “rules“.

And if you’d like to see the full February 2011 Marvel solicits head over to CBR.

Astonishing X-Men 36.  Despite the fact that Emma would DEFINITELY snap in half if these were her real world proportions I think this is kinda fun and interesting.  The background is rather wonderful, and I love seeing Wolvie drawn all short and thick and animal-y like he rarely is these day…although I’m not sure what happened to his right leg.

Amazing Spider-Man 655. Wow. This is SUPER effective.  Nice work.  See what a little white space can do for ya?

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Hmmm.  What happened to days 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18?

Mostly, THIS happened, which was awesome to do and ultimately very successful, but hugely time consuming.  Also I had to read a whole book for a writing group crit – a very good book, but when you’re trying to jam out 50k, 340 pages of reading definitely slows you down no matter how good it is.

But there’s two piece of good news here.

#1. I found myself thinking about my book constantly. Thinking about it and anxious to get back to it, and in some cases a couple days of break – not as many as I took, but a couple – was good to get my wheels turning about where some plot points should ultimately go and more creative ways to do both new scenes and scenes I’ve already written…so that’s all really encouraging.

#2: 10,105 words / 34 pages


Okay, fine, not “Ka-pow!”, but I’m freaking delighted to be over 10k, and unlike how I felt last week – which was something along the lines of “um…what do I write next?” – I’ve got scene after scene in the queue right now.

Headed into the Thanksgiving next week/weekend, since it will be a quiet one with no travel and just Adam and I and two extra days off from “real work”, it will hopefully give me extra time to get to where I need to be (i.e. finished)…wish me luck…nearly 40k in ten days is no bullshit.

Here are the “rules“.

And if you’d like to see the full February 2011 DC solicits head over to CBR.

I don’t know if the month of “character/icon” covers of January was just a nice palate cleanser or what, but there was a lot to like in February’s solicits and very little to snark on.  Yay!

[At least one potentially NSFW image is buried in here…read with caution]

Action Comics 898.  I was gonna say this is stupid, but I’ve decided I love the part where that one orange-ghost-y-thingy is chewing on his arm.  So I’m in.  That’s all it takes sometimes, a monster chewing on a guy’s arm…we all know this, right?

Justice League Generation Lost 19. This is my favorite cover this month (except maybe Batwoman).  Absolutely fantastic with its three color palette, amazing stylized silhouettes/shapes…all of it.  Just beautiful.  Until I saw this I would have been all “Dustin Nguyen should never do anything but watercolor”…WRONG.  He should also do this…ALL THE TIME.

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Gotta go with J.H. Williams III’s completely iconic, awe-inspiring, and flat out gorgeous cover to Batman Inc. #1.

It’s also nice that the cover really resonates what is actually inside unlike so many comics today.  The cover heralds not only the return of Bruce Wayne and the ushering in of a new era, but the flags from a variety of nations as his backdrop, really helps clarify what that era will be.  As usual J.H. Williams III is one of the absolute best artists around.  If you love him, go vote for him in Comics Should Be Good’s Top 100 Artists and Writers (but don’t forget about all the awesome lady writers and artists!).

This was a really weak week for my comics.  Nothing seemed especially interesting or beautiful.

The final arc to The Return of Bruce Wayne had a couple great opportunities and some that really should have been perfect opportunities for Panel of the Week, (some of them even involving awesome “old school” Wonder Woman) but none of them really rose to the occasion, instead just feeling ho-hum to me and not really worthy visually of what was going on story-wise.

Normally Cass Cain appearing in a few pages of Red Robin would easily be enough to pick up a Panel of the Week from me, but while the art was not bad it wasn’t anything to write home about and I didn’t like or appreciate the story…so there were no truly great moments there to pick up on.

If I wasn’t so against Batgirl #15 perhaps one of those opening adorable Nguyen panels could have won, but I can’t bear to support that little bit of revisionist history.

Stuart Immonen did some beautiful work on The New Avengers #6, as per usual, but without the surrounding story…it’s hard to just pull a panel and have it work out of context  This one does though and is pretty awesome, so it’s our winner:

The book I enjoyed the most this week, and which had TONS of panels worthy of Panel Of The Week,  but is not technically eligible as it came out last week (I had a delay in getting it) is Marvel’s Strange Tales II issue #2.  But just for fun, here’s what I would have picked had Strange Tales II been eligible…and in some nice symmetry it’s more Wolvie!

For what it’s worth I would read the FUCK out of Jeffrey Brown’s X-Men regularly.  Hilarious in all the right ways.  I laughed out loud repeatedly in his short from Strange Tales II.

“More Indie Creators on Mainstream Properties!” I say.

Man,  I’ve got to come up with a battle cry that has a better ring to it…

I did a really fun (though super time consuming) post over on She Has No Head! today for my one year anniversary writing for the site.

Check it out.

Click to enlarge!

Remember two seconds ago when I was saying comics give and then they take.  This would be the give part of that equation:


Mark your calendars!  February 23rd!

Not wild about how prevalent Bette Kane aka Flamebird seems in the solicit because that was the least interesting part of Kate’s Detective Comics arc to me, but I knew it was coming and I trust Williams III to do it well.  Don’t let me down man!  So excited.

So, quite frankly, I love this Chrissie Zullo illustration, and I love the character of Cindy from Fables…but why on earth does she need to be wearing only underwear and a hat, scarf, and gloves in this promo/cover image for the series?  When will I start seeing dudes equally dressed to promote their mini-series?  It will never happen.  You know why?  Cause it looks fucking ridiculous.

It’s so frustrating to see this stuff…because Chrissie Zullo does gorgeous work, Cindy’s a great character, and while Chris Roberson is not my favorite writer thus far, there’s literally NO sexism in his work (at least in what I’ve read)…so this is a book I want to like…should like…and should be the audience for…but then she’s in her underwear…?  How I am supposed to support this?  Not only support it with my dollars…but this is the kind of book that should be obvious review fodder for She Has No Head!…but if the covers (and more?) are going to be like this…it makes it really hard for my to throw any support behind it.

Ah comics…you give and then you take, you give and then you take.  Would it kill you just to give one in a while?

8342 words / 28 pages.

Ugh. No words today, no time.  But it was a long work day and I hit some other goals on some other writing related fronts, so I guess I can’t feel too bad about it.  Tomorrow is another day! (psst! that’s false bravado and false optimism in case you can’t tell!).  😉

Winner for this week…?  Eh, not a strong week, but this is the best cover of the Batgirl series thus far…by a mile. The uniform almost looks good here.  Almost.  Nguyen can make almost any cover good.

Additionally, this should have made last week’s Cover Of The Week a three way tie…but I didn’t get it until this week.  So I still have to give it credit.  It’s hard to compete with Jamie Hernandez.





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