So for the second iteration of The Ladies Comics Project – aptly called, Ladies Comics Project: Phase II – I had women (32 of them this time!) picking from my own library of graphic novels and trades for their reading and review.  Below are the books they had to choose from.*

Beyond being limited by what I already owned, I limited the selection further by selecting only titles that I felt confident were female friendly.  Additionally, for solely financial reasons (this project cost a pretty penny out of my own pocket) I removed some larger/heavier books that I would have otherwise liked to include (Black Hole, Blankets, Box Office Poison, and Local were some of the great books sadly left out due to sheer size and heft).

The books are listed roughly alphabetically and you can click (and actually double click) to enlarge all images to readable sizes.

For what it’s worth, I think the ladies picked very well.  Though many of their selections surprised me, just as they did last time. If there is one big miss for me in the selections it’s that nobody picked Beasts Of Burden, which is a beautiful engaging book that I think any one of these ladies would have loved…and been really surprised by how much she loved it.  But maybe next time!  Who knows what future Ladies Comics Project iterations will bring!

*Please note that Secret Science Alliance (which totally should have been on the list anyway!) and Scratch 9 (which should have been on the list, but which I don’t own), are both being read by young participants of The Ladies Comics Project Phase II, despite not being pictured above.