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Here are the “rules“.

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Eh. They are what they are. I tried hard and got a few jokes in there…but I feel like they’re a bit underwhelming this month. Sorry, kids!

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“Bwahaha! I have your little belt…or something…watchu gonna do about it?!”

Superman: “Whuuuuhuhdar?”

ALL STAR WESTERN 13.  Does anyone else find it hilarious that this is what Hex is REALLY afraid of? I mean, yes, that clown is fucking terrifying…but I’m not Jonah Hex…I mean…it doesn’t even have a fucking weapon…oh wait, it has a GIANT FUCKING KNIFE (and an arm that looks like it might be on backwards?)

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Here are the “rules“.

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So a combination of not eating dinner and a bizarre amount of energy and finally not feeling sick (after weeks of a bizarre sore throat/sinus thing) I’m feeling very punchy (and drunk) tonight. The result is a particularly aggressive round of Drunk Cover Solicits…ENJOY BITCHES.

AMERICAN VAMPIRE 30. Wonderful use of spot color.

AQUAMAN 12. Man, if I never have to see another “character reflected in sword/helmet/miscellaneous shiny object” it will still be too soon.

BEFORE WATCHMEN: OZMANDIAS 2.  Well, I’m still not buying these but I love Jae Lee and this is delightfully freaky. Also, take notice artists, there seems to be a reason that this lady is dressed this way (and with those badass heels)…it’s all context my friends…CONTEXT IS KING BITCHES.

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I read some great damn comic books this week and got to review some of the best of them for CBR:

Saga #2

“Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples “Saga” #2 by some miracle manages to live up to and possibly outdo the fantastic double-sized first issue. Equal parts divine character development and brisk plotting, this book continues to remind me that so many of my other comics are really unremarkable…”

Glory #25

“Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell deliver a pleasantly surprising third issue in “Glory” #25, subverting what many readers might have expected and cranking the stakes up dramatically.  While Campbell’s powerful and unflinching visuals remain the star of this book, Keatinge’s story is taking a nicely unexpected turn, propelling us 500 years into the future (in a prophetic dream) and then yanking us back to the present with a doozy of a plot twist. The opening notes of a “new” superhero series are critical and it’s unfortunate that so many takes (and executions) feel so stale, but this is bold and unapologetic in the things it says about our characters and the paths they find themselves on…”

Northlanders #50

“Brian Wood’s grand saga “Northlanders,” set in the Viking Age, comes to an end with this month’s “Northlanders” #50. Bringing to a close his 9-part “Icelandic Trilogy” with art by Danijel Zezelj and colors by Dave McCraig, Wood delivers the same monumental and yet incredibly relatable stories he has brought throughout this series and it’s a loss to readers everywhere that is has all come to an end…”

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Been just swamped over here, folks, but wanted to link to the last two weeks of CBR Reviews.

Friends With Boys

“Faith Erin Hicks’ “Friends With Boys” is her best work to date, an engaging beautifully illustrated black and white coming of age story about a girl going to her first year of public school after years of home schooling and the recent disappearance of her mother. Hicks story is surprisingly bold. While on the surface it’s a simple story of a girl named Maggie, her three older brothers and their strange family situation (her mother has just left them), there’s a bizarre supernatural element that pays off in unexpected ways…”

Fairest #1

“Fairest,” Bill Willingham’s latest “Fables” spinoff series with art by Phil Jimenez promises a lot of beautiful ladies with its title and Adam Hughes cover, but what you’ll find inside is a bit surprising. While the title and the cover suggest this issue will be focused on Briar Rose, we spend most of the issue meeting Ali Baba (Prince of Theives) and his non-genie of the lamp, Jonah…”

Green Wake #10

“Although “Green Wake” #10 unfortunately brings the series to a close, Kurtis Wiebe does an excellent job of making it feel as if this was his plan all along. Morley gets to the heart of Green Wake quite literally in this final issue and makes a risky decision with ramifications for all the citizens of Green Wake, past, present and future.  Wiebe has a very specific vision for “Green Wake” and you can feel his uncompromising devotion to it as his tale draws to its conclusion. He unravels his mysteries nicely but rarely says anything outright — both a strength and a weakness…”

Supurbia #1

“Grace Randolph and Russell Dauterman’s “Supurbia” #1 is very interesting. It’s hard to know if it can deliver on all its promise, but this first issue is a bizarrely intriguing blend of traditional superhero comics and “The Stepford Wives,” with a dash of “The Real Housewives” series from Bravo thrown in for modern flavor.  Randolph’s idea is lots of fun, focusing on the “women behind the supermen.” If they were less interesting women it could have been a disaster, but Randolph chooses her cast well, which helps to offset the idea that these women (and one man) are not the actual superheroes of the story, even if they are the stars…”

Avengers Academy #27

“Christos Gage and Karl Moline wrestle with a massive roster of characters as the entire “Runaways” cast guest stars in “Avengers Academy” #27. Looking for help locating Old Lace, their lost dinosaur, The Runaways come knocking at Avengers Academy and quite naturally get into a fight. The fighting scene is expected; given superheroes too frequently default to fists first to settle disagreements. Plus, The Runaways have been treated poorly by the superhero community in the past and the Avengers Academy students aren’t the most level-headed group out there…”

Angel & Faith #7

“Angel & Faith” #7 is the first issue of the series that hasn’t really hit the mark for me. It’s still a solid book, but it’s just not ringing true enough to give it the emotional punch of the first arc. Christos Gage has a good handle on both Angel and Faith’s voices and personalities, enough so it was clear to readers something was going on with Angel’s personality and that continues here. However, on the plotting front this feels a bit weak. The second installment of this new arc, titled “Daddy Issues” is set up to parallel both Angel and Faith’s relationships to or as fathers…”

Avengers #23

“Avengers” #23 is not a bad comic book, but given the stakes and the players on the field it should be so much more. In this issue, The Avengers attempt to escape the clutches of Norman Osborne’s H.A.M.M.E.R. while Viper negotiates with the U.S. Government, using the kidnapped Avengers as their bargaining chip. Brian Michael Bendis finds some great funny moments for his characters in this issue, the kind of good chuckles that make comics fun. Unfortunately, beyond those funny moments and a decent escape scene toward the end, there is so much missed opportunity and the issue is ultimately disappointing…”

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From Declan Shalvey in Brian Wood’s Northlanders #46 this week:


These Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Nine covers from Steve Morris have been awesome.  I like this one for issue #2 even more than the first issue:

Obviously the amazing J.H. Williams III’s Batwoman #2. GORGEOUS:

Also some gorgeous moody work from Massimo Canevale for Northlanders #45:

I mean seriously?

Is there any doubt about the awesomeness of this splash page by Paul Azaceta and Dave McCraig  in this week’s Northlanders #43?  I am going to miss this book like crazy when it’s gone.  😦

“Expectation can be a bad thing. It can turn a perfectly good comic into a disappointment. And really that’s what we have here with “Fables” #107, a perfectly good comic that disappoints me nonetheless. Sleeping Beauty is a favorite character of mine, and while she hasn’t gotten much play in Willingham’s “Fables” universe thus far, for a lot of reasons, including the fact that her “superpower” is basically to “fall asleep and take everyone with her,” I was excited to know this issue would feature her….”

Read the rest of my CBR Review of Fables #107 here.

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“Brian Wood is not a writer that pulls punches. He doesn’t write “easy” stories, and he asks a lot of his readers, in all the best ways. Part one of his final “Northlanders” epic is no exception. “Northlanders” #42 which begins “The Icelandic Trilogy” and is titled simply “Settlement 871,” is a powerfully moving bit of comics. It’s obvious reading this first brutal issue that Wood has every intention of going out with a bang…”

Read the rest of my CBR Review of Northlanders #42 here.

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I also wrote about Birds of Prey #14 this week, but it was an unfortunate disappointment, so y’know, not so interested in broadcasting that one so loudly.  But here ya go.

My CBR review of American Vampire: Survival Of The Fittest #1 is up!

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The cover to The New York Five #4 by Ryan Kelly, even though it’s my least favorite of the four covers to be released (all were spectacular), is still an easy win this week.

If you guys haven’t been reading The New York Five, I urge you to seek it out, or pick it up in trade if it gets released.  Some great stuff by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly…no surprise there.  It’s also a lot of content for a really low price.  The issues run about 32 pages, but only $2.99.  You can’t beat that!

A new She Has No Head! – a look at Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan’s exceptional Demo Volume 2.

Check it out!

Another week of reviews!  Get ’em while you can!

I read some really good stuff this week (two books that got 4.5 stars), and some really bad stuff (I gave my lowest rating yet – 1.5 stars) so find out which books to avoid and which to put on your must read list!

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The New York Five #3

Wolverine & Jubilee #3

New Mutants #23

5 Ronin #4

X-Men #9

And you can read all my CBR Reviews thus far here!

Here are the “rules“.

And if you’d like to see the full June 2011 DC solicits head over to CBR.


So, on my third glass of Veuve…here we go…

This month is covered in Flash Spooge…and so much of it is boooooring.  Though I do like those Furies…

Batman & Robin 24. Oh Damian, you rascal you, I wish I didn’t love you so.  Biting the Red Hood’s hand…how cheeky.  Sidenote, Damian’s cheeky rascaliness (not a word) is distracting me from some serious problems with this drawing…like whatever is going on with Red Hood’s head…but who cares?! VEUVE.

Green Lantern 67. Apparently in this world everything is green.  And everything being green makes everyone SERIOUS and GROUCHY.  Good times.

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Any week that The New York Five comes out is a rough week for anyone else to win cover of the week as I am just loving Ryan Kelly’s covers for this series.  There’s honestly nothing I haven’t adored about each issue’s cover so far, and issue #3 is one of my favorites, check it out:

Northlanders #38 (The Siege Of Paris: 2) is an easy win for Cover Of The Week this week – with Massimo Carnevale’s gorgeous image that feels both up close and personal, and also epic and battle worthy (check out the city and torchlight in the background).  His great use of lights and darks, composition, and color…it’s just beautiful.

I had a lot of pretty good books this week, and some fun covers, but none of them came even close to usurping the crown from Ryan Kelly’s cover for Brian Wood’s The New York Five #2.  Just gorgeous, beautiful stuff.  In my dreams more comic covers look like this every week.

Easy pick this week if only because my pull list was so slim.  So an easy win for iZombie #10 by Mike Allred.

Bonus points for it being based on/inspired by this fantastic photograph as commenter JRSM pointed out a few months ago on Cover Solicits.

Here are the “rules“.

And if you’d like to see the full April 2011 DC solicits head over to CBR.

Though overall this month DC had less annoying and offensive stuff than Marvel, it was also pretty boring.  Very little to pique my interest.  Also, I almost always naturally end up with a few more DC covers I want to feature than Marvel covers, but this month it was the reverse.  Hmmm.

Batman Europa 4. Very fucking cool.  Of course I’ll never look at one of these the same again.

Young Justice 3. Hmm…issue #3…no ladies. What a fucking surprise Young Justice, what a fucking surprise.

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Check out She Has No Head! for an advance review of Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly’s The New York Five #1 which releases in stores everywhere from Vertigo tomorrow!




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