This blog has become popular enough that I felt it was time to make a note about the comments policy at 1979 Semi-Finalist.

While I certainly want to encourage an open dialogue and I’m not against people disagreeing with me, or posts, or other commenters, disrespect will simply not be tolerated.  I’m not a fan of the whole “I’m anonymous here so I can say whatever hate filled vitriol that I want with no repercussions” thing that the internet in general is so rife with, and that approach to commenting or trolling will quickly get you shown the door.  If you’re disrespectful to others (and that includes me) in any way, expect your comment to be deleted (or potentially edited)…and if you continue to behave this way you will be banned permanently from commenting.

Comments that disagree or are critical are more than welcome, comments that are laced with unnecessary hate, any kind of racism, homophobia, misogyny, sexism, or ANY threat or suggestion of violence will simply not be tolerated.  I want this to be a space of critical thinking and debate, but it must always be done with respect or you’re simply not welcome here.

I also feel compelled to say, if your comment is simply mean spirited and adds nothing to the discussion, I may just not approve it.  Comments like “you complain too much” and similar, are worthless as far as I’m concerned – they add nothing to the discussion and as a result don’t belong here. It’s also classic “silencing” and I just won’t have it.

I reserve the sole right to approve or reject comments.  If I feel that your comment does not add anything to the discussion, or engages unnecessarily in any of the above, I will not hesitate to reject it from ever appearing on the blog and/or ban you.

Additionally, and I am VERY sorry I’ve had to add this, but if you decide you want to stalk/troll/spam me with emails, please understand that:

A) You are a horrible person and a complete creep.

B) I will not respond to your emails, other than telling you one time to stop so that we are clear that you are harassing me.

C) You have no expectation of privacy for any of the information you send to me via email.

And on THAT happy note, as always, thanks for reading and commenting.




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