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Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full Marvel October Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

Similarly uneventful. A few real gems, a couple dogs. Some weirdness. You know, the usual!

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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 695. I usually dislike floating heads covers, but this anchors things pretty nicely with a design element. Not bad!

ASTONISHING X-MEN 55. AH-MAZING. And of course it is, it’s Phil Noto! I love the color choices and the very graphic/stylized look he went for. It’s great.

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Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full DC October Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

Eh. They are what they are. I tried hard and got a few jokes in there…but I feel like they’re a bit underwhelming this month. Sorry, kids!

Oh, and in a bit of shameless self promotion (and GUILT!) I ask that if you’ve been enjoying these posts over the years that you to check out my Kickstarter for my book THE GIRL WHO WOULD BE KING and donate if you can and think it looks worthwhile. See? GUILT!


“Bwahaha! I have your little belt…or something…watchu gonna do about it?!”

Superman: “Whuuuuhuhdar?”

ALL STAR WESTERN 13.  Does anyone else find it hilarious that this is what Hex is REALLY afraid of? I mean, yes, that clown is fucking terrifying…but I’m not Jonah Hex…I mean…it doesn’t even have a fucking weapon…oh wait, it has a GIANT FUCKING KNIFE (and an arm that looks like it might be on backwards?)

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And when I say “the year” I mean since last year’s comic-con in San Diego.  That’s right, in honor of SDCC 2012, which I am, again, not able to attend I thought I’d do a list of my 52 favorite covers* since last year’s comic-con, so essentially July 2011 – July 2012.** Check out previous years as well – here and here.

I’m not going bore you with lengthy descriptions about what I respond to in each image, but if you frequent this blog with any regularity, the choices will not surprise you.  My tastes skew to specific things like anyone, and I reward covers that cater to those personal tastes.  For example, as a woman, I tend to be interested in covers with female characters and at the same time you’re unlikely to see many covers with a lot of objectification and hyper sexualization.  As an artist (but only sorta, and a crappy one at that) I tend to be a bit of a snob about what I think is a good or bad cover – good often involves highly graphic images, lots of great negative space, interesting/solid composition, single figures, white space, and good integration of text into the image.

Whenever possible I’ve included the full cover, with text etc., as I feel that’s part of the whole.  I made a few exceptions if the covers were saddled with particularly horrible “event banners” or some such, or if I didn’t have access to a high enough resolution image including the text.

I’m sure I missed a bunch of great covers anyway and, as always, I never feel great about the order, but I tried my best! I hope you’ll enjoy, even if they’re not the covers you would pick, it’s a beautiful line up of cover gorgeousness.

If you’re new to the blog and haven’t seen my “100 Best Comic Covers” list, you can check it out: here, here, here, and here.  As well as my “already second guessing myself” modified list here.

Next year SDCC, next year!***

* This includes only monthly saddle stapled North American comics since that is what I have access to and did not include graphic novels, trades, etc. 

**Because comics are generally dated a month or two after they are actually released, there’s a bit of a fudging of the numbers/eligibility. It makes for a bit of grey area around the eligibility dates, but I did the best I could.

***Be advised, I say this every year.  Although there is a SLIM chance I’ll be going to NYCC this year – thanks to THIS. 🙂



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Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full Marvel September Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

Honestly…credit to Marvel for very little in the “offensive” category, but these were pretty boring. I mean…they were light years better than DC’s offerings, but still.

I’m sorry, kids. I brought it hard last time, but there just wasn’t much here this month. Onto the next!

AGE OF APOCALYPSE 7. I really like the light here…but it could be pushed even further I think.

ASTONISHING X-MEN 54. Well this is 100 kinds of awesome. Karma gets so little love…and now she gets Phil Noto love! Which, let’s face it, is the best kind of love.

AVENGERS ACADEMY 36. Jesus H. These horrifying Avengers Academy covers have been AWESOME. This is another one from Guiseppe…we’re headed toward a complete series and all of them are badass.

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Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full DC September Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

So I’ve been dreading this round forever (or since I started seeing these covers roll out)…as a result I drank WAY TOO MUCH, WAY TOO EARLY and well…things got interesting.

I’d also like post a rare upfront caveat/apology thing. With a few exceptions (and those dudes know who they are) I blame very few of the artists for this months DC solicits. These shit covers were totally beyond their control. It’s an ugly, boring concept (that they did a slightly better version of not so long ago) and it’s almost impossible to turn out a good cover under these limitations.

So yeah…with that said…ENJOY.

Oh yeah, these were boring as fuck. I tried my best, people but there was only so much that could be done.

ACTION COMICS 0.  So…these crappy covers begin. Here’s what I’ll say…this illustration is actually GORGEOUS. All caps gorgeous. However, I stand by what I said a year (or whatever) ago about that t-shirt/jeans/baby cape looking ridiculous and on this super realistic illustration it looks even more ridiculous.

AMERICAN VAMPIRE 31. As always these are so smart about color and composition. Love.

AMERICAN VAMPIRE LORD OF VAMPIRES 4. Wonderful colors and textures. I’m not sure if the “shadow” is supposed to be his shadow or a monster or…both? So this doesn’t quite hit it out of the park, but it’s really beautiful.

ANIMAL MAN 0.  This is unfortunate. Those wings really get lost in the white-ish background. Also, I’m not sure with that wingspan how he made it through that small hole…? Also, I bet this is the first of a whole fucking bunch that just show a character flying at us with that busted background. SADFACE.

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Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full Marvel August Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

So, again, I have to admit that these were mostly good. Much more good than bad. That said, I was REALLY drunk (i.e. much more drunk than usual) when I did these…so I found plenty of things to pick at. Hopefully at least a few are funny, rather than just raves. Enjoy!

ASTONISHING X-MEN 43. And we’re off and running right out of the gate! Great idea, great execution. Super phallic, but worth it! Also, don’t forget the bomb behind him, which I almost missed the first time. Cool shit.

AVENGERS ACADEMY 34. Another home run. I’m not really familiar with this artist (Camuncoli) but this is epically cool.  Love the colors and the emotion…the effect he creates with the colors between her costume and power…really good stuff. Also, this cover does exactly what every cover is SUPPOSED to do – makes me want to find out what the interior story is.

AVENGERS ACADEMY 35. WOW. Again, another Camucoli…I’m going to have to watch out for this guy. This is gorgeous and haunting and the tiger shape on the brick wall is just the icing on the cake.

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE 6. See now, I want to give this cover credit for zipping up Black Widow (although it kind of looks nothing like her) but look at the green chick…what the fuck is up with that costume…I mean that shit gives costumes like Starfire and Star Sapphire a run for their money. Ridiculous.

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Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full DC August Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

So a combination of not eating dinner and a bizarre amount of energy and finally not feeling sick (after weeks of a bizarre sore throat/sinus thing) I’m feeling very punchy (and drunk) tonight. The result is a particularly aggressive round of Drunk Cover Solicits…ENJOY BITCHES.

AMERICAN VAMPIRE 30. Wonderful use of spot color.

AQUAMAN 12. Man, if I never have to see another “character reflected in sword/helmet/miscellaneous shiny object” it will still be too soon.

BEFORE WATCHMEN: OZMANDIAS 2.  Well, I’m still not buying these but I love Jae Lee and this is delightfully freaky. Also, take notice artists, there seems to be a reason that this lady is dressed this way (and with those badass heels)…it’s all context my friends…CONTEXT IS KING BITCHES.

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Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full Marvel July Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

Avengers vs. X-Men shit is burning me out man. I can’t believe we still have another month (plus?) to go of this shit. That said, some pretty great covers in here and not a whole lot to snark at (especially on the objectification front)…Marvel has definitely cleaned up their cover game in the last year. I’m going to go ahead and take credit. 😉

AVENGERS ACADEMY 13. Bitch looks good on a throne. Isn’t it nice when things come together?

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE 5. Marvel continuity is confusing me. Cause Black Widow is cozied up with two dudes this month (oh wait, that’s next month). And judging by that clipart explosion behind them…it’s a hell of a kiss. Also…I thought Hawkeye was with Spider-Woman…? So confusing.

AVENGING SPIDER-MAN 9. I like the simplicity of this and the sassiness…but something about it makes them looks like giants…which is freaking me out.

AVENGERS VS X-MEN 7. So I guess what we’re saying here is that Cyclops is the worst shot ever?

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Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full DC July Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

I don’t know if I’m just getting bored with things this month, or what but they’re very short and sweet tonight. Hopefully a few of them are also funny.  Look for Marvel to go up in a few hours!

ACTION COMICS 11.  Hey, Didyouguysknow Superman was the new Phoenix? Yeah, me neither.

ANIMAL MAN 11. Sometimes I feel like Animal Man’s sole goal is to give me nightmares. Mission accomplished dudes.

BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED 6.  BARDA!!!! WOO! Also, Barda’s Boobs. woo?

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Gotta give it to this smart cover for The New Deadwardians #2 (which is an excellent book you should all be reading). I believe the cover is by interiors artist I.N.J. Culbard:

Also great this week is this Becky Cloonan cover for B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: Pickens County Horror #2:

I missed last week due to insane other commitments, but if I had picked a cover it probably would have been this gorgeous B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: The Long Death #3 cover by Duncan Fegredo and Dave Stewart:

Wow. What a great week for comics covers!

I cannot possibly pick just one, there is such an embarrassment of riches…here we go!

First up this absolutely stunningly beautiful Conan The Barbarian #3 by Massimo Carnevale:

So glad to see this Amy Reeder Batwoman cover actually did get used, I talked about it a couple weeks ago on She Has No Head! and opined that it might not show, but happy to have it in my hands, absolutely gorgeous:

A wonderfully fitting and gorgeously illustrated cover for Brian Wood’s final Northlanders issue, again by Massimo Carnevale:

Wonderful weird-ness from Ross Campbell’s newest issue of Glory:

A simple but powerful cover from Fiona Staples for Saga #2:

Gorgeous and super fun alternate cover for Winter Soldier #4 by John Tyler Christopher:

Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full Marvel June Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

So I had to break the solicits up into two nights since I started so late on Friday…thus two nights of drunkenness…woo. Of course I can’t afford a bottle of Veuve every night (do you know who I am?!) so we’ll have to go with Vodka & water with lime…which are also delicious.

Have I mentioned how much I hate the idea of superheroes fighting superheroes? I mean I know we’re WAY out of ideas in the comics world, but it just annoys the crap out of me. I hate events anyway, but I’m extra sick of this event before it’s even begun.* 😦

That said, I was thinking of running an X-Men versus Avengers poll…just for fun. Don’t know if I have the time or interest beyond the initial push though…we’ll see.

*Update – these just weren’t very funny. Despite the vodka, this is mostly me raving about cool shit…lower your expectations in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

AVENGERS VS X-MEN 2. Sigh. I’m already tired. And this one I’m pretty sure is from last month…off to a great start!

FURY MAX 2. Another from May, not June, but so cool that I had to post it. Nicely graphic, and the images working as a dress is very badass. I’m into it. On third look the way the bayonets (or whatever) are pointed toward her lady bits is not ideal. But I’m going to pretend it’s an accident and happily go on my way!

ULTIMATES 10. Also from May. This is gorgeous, but if there is a soldier or superhero that would pose like that while climbing up (or down) some rocks I will eat my goddamn shoe.

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Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full DC June Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

Oh tonight, I welcome you oh Veuve! Tonight some internet douchebags think I don’t know what Feminism is, think the title “3 Chicks Review Comics” is offensive (WTF?! It’s just a descriptor?!) and better yet, think Laura Hudson, Sue, and I are the same person…which as I said on twitter would make me UNMOTHERFUCKINGSTOPPABLE, so I kind of wish it was true. Alas, I am only little ole me. Ah internet, you so silly!

So once I get the drink in me I may be feeling particularly mean and vengeful…also it’s already ready 2am and I’m just writing the intro, so let’s BRING IT ON MOTHERFUCKERS!

Come one, come all, to our bi-monthly installment of DRUNK COVER SOLICITS IN THREE SENTENCES OR LESS!

ALL STAR WESTERN 10.  These covers have been pretty goddamn good.  This is probably my second or third favorite among a really great selection of covers. The illustration work, the desaturated colors but also great lights and darks, the interesting perspective…all great!

AMERICAN VAMPIRE 28. Wonderful colors, dramatic darks and lights. And I love the abstraction in the background with the lights and cameras.  Feels very Sienkiewicz to me.

AMERICAN VAMPIRE: LORD OF NIGHTMARES 1. I don’t usually like these kind of floating montage covers, but this has a nice almost monochromatic red wash that I like and the style of the lead female is unusual and a nice change.

ANIMAL MAN 10. SWEET BABY JESUS*…no wonder Foreman felt like he needed to leave if he was going to be drawing seas of skulls, blood red skies, and fucked up naked angel monsters.

*I’ve been saying this (or thinking it) a lot lately thanks to reading “Mark Watches” obsessively – if you’re a fan of Buffy and things that are awesome, you should drop everything you’re doing and head over there now!

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I’ve got to give it to Fiona Staples gorgeous (and for some reason controversial…what planet am I living on?!) Saga #1:

Honorable Mentions to Ross Campbell’s Glory #24, a super hardcover cover that’s also a fantastic example of the split screen cover…which most artist screw up:

I also have to give major props to Phil Noto who nails his representations of Buffy and Spike, but then twists it into a very conservative/suburban situation that’s hilarious but works at the same time on the Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Nine #7 cover:

Absolutely love this gorgeous Mark Brooks Rogue cover for X-Men Legacy #262:

Easy win last week for Ross Campbell’s Glory #23 which is a thousand kinds of awesome:

Honorable mentions to both absolutely gorgeous covers of B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: The Long Death #1, the first by Duncan Fegredo:

And the variant by Mike Mignola:

Additional Honorable Mention to Cliff Chiang’s gorgeous Wonder Woman #6.  This is perhaps my favorite Chiang Wonder Woman yet!


Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full DC May Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

So this is the month of owl goodness…or something. I never thought I could be sick of owls. But here we are.  I’m feeling kind of mean tonight…so…yeah, you’ve been warned!

Come one, come all, to our bi-monthly installment of DRUNK COVER SOLICITS IN THREE SENTENCES OR LESS!

ACTION COMICS 9.  I was actually pretty excited by this image initially…cause it totally looks like an inspiring black Superman, right?  But reading the solicit I think this is a villain called SuperDoom.  Boo.  Huge disappointment.  According to commenter Brendan T., this is indeed an alternate reality black Superman…in which case I say SWEET.

ALL-STAR WESTERN 9.  I still like the style of these covers and the colors are wonderful…but the way the owl dudette (dude?) is holding those huge knives is totally suspect.

AMERICAN VAMPIRE 27.  The colors on this are just lovely.  Is this watercolor?  It kind of looks like watercolor…but kind of not.  The almost textures created are nice too.

ANIMAL MAN 9.  Animal Man continues to pile on the disturbing shit.  I mean…they’re on a raft of bones. BONES!  In a river of blood. BLOOD! I like it.

AQUAMAN 9.  I’m not sure I can fully explain why…but this comic cover kind of sums up everything I hate about comics really nicely.

Batgirl 9.  Let’s start with the good…this is the best Barbara/Batgirl has looked on a Syaf cover. Also, the tilted composition is nice and has good energy.

Now for the bad…has that Court of Owls character been crossbred with a spider…because JESUS H. CHRIST.   That anatomy and positioning is just so damn disturbing.

Also, I haven’t been reading Batgirl, so maybe there’s a good reason for it, but it kind of irritates me that the female superhero (Batgirl) has to fight the female Court of Owls character.  boo.

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I don’t read Moon Knight, but this cover for Moon Knight #9 by Alex Maleev is sublime:

It’d be a hell of a lot more beautiful and compelling without that goddamn banner, but this Storm cover for Avengers #21 by Daniel Acuna is lovely.  Also, despite how long she’s been around and how A-list she is/should be, Storm has precious few truly awesome covers…ironic that this one is from Avengers and not X-Men…but I’ll take what I can get:

A bit of totally awesome by Marian Churchland for Prophet #21:

And this absolutely gorgeous offering by Cliff Chiang for Wonder Woman #5.  And a nice use of restraint on the tentacles there.  Well done sir, well done:

Last week’s Cover(s) of the Week are a tie between Buffy & Batwoman (don’t tell DC Women Kicking Ass…she’ll be mad!)

First up, Steve Morris’ truly excellent Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Nine #5.  Look at those colors, absolutely fantastic.  Love the text integration as well, so smart:

And then there’s Batwoman #5 by J.H. Williams III.  Absolutely stunning – and as I discussed when it came up in Drunk Cover Solicits a few months ago, there’s so much more there than meets the eye at first glance.  It’s beautiful if you don’t look deep, but if you take the time, it’s incredibly complex and interesting.  Actually, I’d say that about both these covers.  Excellent work gents.

I’m not going to do a post for Panel Of The Week for last week (too busy/tired/lazy) but this definitely would have been one of the picks, also from Batwoman #5 and J.H. Williams:

Here are the “rules“.

If you’d like to see the full Marvel March Cover Solicits head on over to CBR.

Come one, come all, to our bi-monthly installment of DRUNK COVER SOLICITS IN THREE SENTENCES OR LESS!

So again, these are a bit on the late side but here they are…fresh for the new year in all their non-glory.  The thing is…I gotta be honest…Marvel has cleaned up their game considerably.  And I know you want to be sad about it, cause let’s face it, making fun of shit is fun.  But seriously, there’s not A LOT to make fun of lately. The difference in Marvel’s covers now, from a year ago…it’s pretty remarkable.  They are going on five or six months now of having covers so non-offensive that it’s pretty tough to give them a hard time.  So #1 – My hat is officially off to them and #2 – how can I take credit for this change?

I still make plenty of fun of the covers below…but there are only 26 covers to DC’s 52, and that’s straight up because there’s just not as much to say on the whole.  And I appreciate the hell out of that change, but I also have to admit that on the whole the covers are more boring too.  Would I rather have offensive than boring?  Well, for Drunk Solicits, yes, the answer is yes, for life?  No, no, I’d rather have just about anything than offensive crap in comics.  But still…it’s very interesting this development in covers over the last few months.

AGE OF APOCALYPSE #1.  All the above said, let’s start with something slightly offensive.  But not really. I mean this is such a cartoonish and exaggerated drawing style it’s hard to take it TOO seriously.  It doesn’t have the same effect of looking at something super realistic.  That said, Jean is wearing some Starfire level shit there and it’s just fucking ridiculous.  C’mon comics, don’t be a douchebag.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 681.  Is Johnny wearing his Future Foundation pajamas for this mission?  He looks like an idiot.

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