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Head on over to Comics Should Be Good for the final installment of Ladies Comics Project Phase II and some thoughts about what I learned.

Ladies Comics Project Phase II, Part Three is up – check it out!

Illustrations For Ladies Comics Project Phase II by Tara Abbamondi


Part two of the second phase of Ladies Comics Project is up on She Has No Head!

Illustrations for The Ladies Comics Project by Tara Abbamondi

Ladies Comics Project is back!  Head over to She Has No Head for the first installment of Ladies Comics Project, Phase II!

So for the second iteration of The Ladies Comics Project – aptly called, Ladies Comics Project: Phase II – I had women (32 of them this time!) picking from my own library of graphic novels and trades for their reading and review.  Below are the books they had to choose from.*

Beyond being limited by what I already owned, I limited the selection further by selecting only titles that I felt confident were female friendly.  Additionally, for solely financial reasons (this project cost a pretty penny out of my own pocket) I removed some larger/heavier books that I would have otherwise liked to include (Black Hole, Blankets, Box Office Poison, and Local were some of the great books sadly left out due to sheer size and heft).

The books are listed roughly alphabetically and you can click (and actually double click) to enlarge all images to readable sizes.

For what it’s worth, I think the ladies picked very well.  Though many of their selections surprised me, just as they did last time. If there is one big miss for me in the selections it’s that nobody picked Beasts Of Burden, which is a beautiful engaging book that I think any one of these ladies would have loved…and been really surprised by how much she loved it.  But maybe next time!  Who knows what future Ladies Comics Project iterations will bring!

*Please note that Secret Science Alliance (which totally should have been on the list anyway!) and Scratch 9 (which should have been on the list, but which I don’t own), are both being read by young participants of The Ladies Comics Project Phase II, despite not being pictured above.

…And it’s not in English!  Go figure!

The delightful Mariamma Fonseca at Lady’s Comics in Brazil got in touch with me after discovering The Ladies Comics Project, and the following interview at the Lady’s Comics site is the result of our conversation.  For the English speaking only among you – do not fear! – my original English answers are there along with the Portuguese translations.

The concept behind Lady’s Comics is simple, and quite in line with both The Ladies Comics Project and what I do on She Has No Head! – check this out – from the Lady’s Comics Site (apologies for the rough translation in spots):

“The idea is simple: to speak to women who work or worked in the comic book universe. We came to talk about the characters, the authors, the designers and what’s new from Lady’s in comics!”

It was wonderful to meet some great ladies, on a similar quest to mine, and halfway around the world.  Good luck to you ladies – and thanks for the interview!

Please head over to SHNH to check out the final installment of the wildly successful Ladies Comics Project!


Illustration by Tara O'Connor


Part 2 of the Ladies Comics Project is up on She Has No Head!  Please head over and check it out – it’s really interesting stuff and the post is getting some great traction on twitter, and with comic insiders.  Heidi MacDonald from The Beat also did a nice piece on part one last week.


Illustraton for Ladies Comics Project, Part 2 by Tara O'Connor


A new three part series began today on She Has No Head! called the Ladies Comics Project in which I got a bunch of ladies – those familiar with comics and not – to read a comic book and tell me what they think.  Head on over to CSBG and check it out!

Update:  Some really nice coverage of the post by The Beat.  Thanks Heidi!

A gorgeous piece I commissioned for this project from up and coming artist Tara O'Connor

For a big project I’m working on for She Has No Head! I had to pull together images of all the comics I was planning to buy in the month of September…and since I’m frequently asked about my pull list, I thought since I’d already done the work that I’d share it with you fine folks here.

You can click to enlarge on all of the images below.

Additionally I bought Secret Warriors #20, Batman: Brave & The Bold #21, Crossed: Family Values #4, Joe The Barbarian #7, Heralds (hardcover), a new Betty & Veronica and a 1993 Betty & Veronica (long story), Last Days of American Crime 3, Justice League: Generation Lost #10 (thanks to the sweet Cliff Chiang cover), Batman #703, and The Muppet Show #10.

What was the best book I read this month?  Well, taking Madame Xanadu out of contention as it hasn’t released yet, I’d say it was easily Stumptown #4 followed by DV8 #6.  What was the worst book?  Hmmm.  Such a tough choice as there were a lot of mediocre books this month, but I’d say Star Spangled War Stories #1 was a horrifically lame train wreck of both writing and art, but with a fairly gorgeous Brian Bolland cover, which only made the insides MORE disappointing.




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