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A lot of great stuff this week…

Sharon Carter being absolutely awesome (and yelling Satan Claw!) by David Aja in Secret Avengers #18:

Shang-Chi being a complete badass courtesy of David Aja in Secret Avengers #18:

You could scan the entirety of Chris Bachalo’s Wolverine & The X-Men #1 for panel of the week and it would not be unreasonable.  But I like this one a lot – look at Wolvie’s face!  Also Bachalo’s art is also very hard to scan single panels form…so this is one the easier panels to scan in the issue…doesn’t make it any less awesome:

Also this, which I posted earlier this week, from Wolverine & The X-Men #1 is 100% awesome:

It was a very good week for awesome superhero chicks in the hands of some great writers and artists.  Too great to pick just one…check these out…

It’s no surprise really that some Cliff Chiang Wonder Woman is showing up.  You go Diana with your badass Amazon self.  From Wonder Woman #2:

This great panel by Brian Michael Bendis and Daniel Acuna from Avengers #18 is the kind of fly on the wall (no pun intended) superhero stuff I love, plus it’s gorgeous:

Jesus Saiz did so many fun things in Birds of Prey #2 this past week that I couldn’t pick just one.  First there’s this:

And then this one, which you have to give to both Saiz and writer Duane Swierczynski as it’s both the writing and art that really brings it home:

Same for this one…although you maybe need to know that Katana is talking to her sword, which she believes holds the soul of her dead husband.  I just love the joke about Starling’s tattoos:

It’s just too damn hard to scan pages out of J.H. Williams III’s Batwoman on my itty bitty scanner…also, I’d need to scan like the whole damn book for this feature, so I’m just going to use this (which I grabbed from DC Women Kicking Ass before it was lettered) as the STUNNING panels of the week.  Amazing stuff.

Woo! Comics!  Check out this awesome Valkyrie shit from Kev Walker and Secret Avengers #17 this week:

Last week a page of Wonder Woman awesomeness, now Valkyrie…who will it be next week?!

Some of you may have noticed that there was no Panel of the Week last week…the simple reason for that is because there is no way for me to scan basically the entirety of J.H. Williams III’s Batwoman #1.

And I just can’t pick one.  It’s too hard.  It’s like…NOBODY could make that decision.

Check out a few preview pages below so that you can understand the dilemma!

(click to enbiggen!)

via Hadenblackman

It’s a Secret Avengers kinda week around 1979 Semi-Finalist this week, what can I say?!

The following are panels I just could not decide between from Warren Ellis and Jamie McKelvie’s wonderful Secret Avengers #16:

Look at their faces! So great. Click to enbiggen!

Don't worry...Hank apologizes later.



I mean seriously?

Is there any doubt about the awesomeness of this splash page by Paul Azaceta and Dave McCraig  in this week’s Northlanders #43?  I am going to miss this book like crazy when it’s gone.  😦

This is not only a beautiful panel by CrissCroos, but also a wonderful sentiment by Kelly Sue DeConnick for a character that’s being relaunched from this week’s Supergirl #67, the last issue before the relaunch.

I’d love to see Kelly DeConnick get another shot at Supergirl sometime in the future, she did a great job on this arc, and managed to both tie up her arc, and the book as a series really beautifully despite the restrictions.

A cool full page panel from Khoi Pham on this week’s X-Men Legacy #253.

Bonus points for a fully zipped up Rogue!  Woo!

I wanted to post a panel from Marjorie Liu and Phil Noto’s X-23 #13 because the whole damn book was so beautiful…but I couldn’t find one single panel that really worked in a way that made the absolute awesomeness of this book clear on its own, so I decided to give you a full page.  Enjoy!

From X-23 #13, art by Phil Noto:

Unsurprisingly, the excellent (and truly horrifying) Detective Comics #880 takes this week’s panel of the week as well as cover of the week thanks to Scott Snyder and Jock being disturbing super talented geniuses.

Possibly NSFW, and definitely NSFWEAS (Not Suitable For While Eating A Sandwich) below the cut…

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Sometimes superhero comics are just FUN.  Take a look at this page from Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s Generation Hope #9.

Also from Green Wake #4 and the sublimely talented Riley Rossmo, is this week’s panel of the week.  I adore this panel.  In fact, I call it the perfect comic panel in my review of Green Wake #4 on CBR this week thanks to its exceptional merging of image and words toward a stronger more powerful whole.

Really simple, beautiful, powerful stuff from Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn in this week’s The Walking Dead #86.  This was my favorite, but there were many good moments.

Valkyrie = Motherfuckingbadass.

This panel from Scot Eaton and Secret Avengers #14

No surprise here…because I love this grouchy fucking chicken!

She should be my mascot.

From Skottie Young’s Ozma of Oz #7:

I’d love to give this week’s panel of the week to the reappearance of Cass Cain in Batman Inc. #6, since I’m pretty excited (though also super nervous) about her return to the Bat books as “Blackbat”.  But in truth, I don’t love the costume – the shredded cape is just ridiculous – even more ridiculous than regular capes – which we all know are ridiculous, but which at least look badass.  It also doesn’t really “look” like Cass.  i.e. if a caption didn’t tell me it was her, I’d have had no idea.  See?

So I can’t really pick that as a “panel of the week” much as I would have liked to.  HOWEVER, I can pick this creepy awesome bit from Batman Inc. #6:

It’s Skottie Young week apparently!  First cover of the week, and now a sweep of panel of the week, here are some of the gems from Young’s work on Ozma of Oz #6:

The bowed head of Hungry Tiger in panel one and his hilarious dialogue…so fun!

Look at that expression!  The eyebrows!  The hair!

I love this goddamn grouchy chicken.

A lot of great comics this week, and a lot of great panels.  But I’m going to have to go with this panel by Jock and David Baron in Scott Snyder’s latest fantastic issue of Detective Comics #876.

A great book, and a very gruesome but cool panel.

Also from Generation Hope #6, some panels by Kieron Gillen and Salvador Espin.  This was a hilarious bit in the book, which I think plays well here in just three panels, though there’s more in the book that makes it all even funnier.  Nice work gents!




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