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The delightful James and Brandon had me on as a special guest for their latest episode of Podcast! The Comics.

We talk about Womanthology, the comic mini-series I’m working on Heart In A Box, both of my novels, the difference of writing comics and writing about comics, and a whole slew of other things ranging from the marketing problems of comics to Treat Williams’ beard.  It’s my first actual podcast interview, so you should all check it out, if only to say “I KNEW HER WHEN!” – yes, as we discuss on the podcast I am suffering from delusions of grandeur!

You can also follow James and Brandon on twitter and of course read Comics! The Blog anytime.





For those of you that have expressed interest in my experience with my novel – the writing of it, the query process, securing an agent, shopping the book to publishers, and beyond – look no further!  The first in a series of essays about my experiences with my first novel (once upon a time called Superhero Junkies) is up on Lit Reactor.

The Long & Winding Road: Part 1 – Writing The Novel

I hope you all enjoy it, and for those of you engaged in some phase of novel writing, that it might also be helpful. Enjoy and as always – comments, likes, and retweets are much appreciated!

The Womanthology Tumblr is doing some wonderful previews of the book.  And today Stephanie Hans and my story, SuperLess Hero went up.  Head on over to see the first two pages!  And keep going back to see more as pages continue to go up.

Also, I’m pretty sure SuperLess Hero is the first story in the book…which is pretty damn awesome.

…And it’s not in English!  Go figure!

The delightful Mariamma Fonseca at Lady’s Comics in Brazil got in touch with me after discovering The Ladies Comics Project, and the following interview at the Lady’s Comics site is the result of our conversation.  For the English speaking only among you – do not fear! – my original English answers are there along with the Portuguese translations.

The concept behind Lady’s Comics is simple, and quite in line with both The Ladies Comics Project and what I do on She Has No Head! – check this out – from the Lady’s Comics Site (apologies for the rough translation in spots):

“The idea is simple: to speak to women who work or worked in the comic book universe. We came to talk about the characters, the authors, the designers and what’s new from Lady’s in comics!”

It was wonderful to meet some great ladies, on a similar quest to mine, and halfway around the world.  Good luck to you ladies – and thanks for the interview!

Wonder Woman says:

I haven’t been dedicated about trying to build my twitter…but I think maybe it’s time to get serious.  Follow me on twitter and I promise…nothing…except that I only twitter if there’s news/new posts or if legitimately think I’ve got a shot at being reasonably funny.

Give it a try…you can always drop me if it doesn’t work out…although in truth I hate that…so if you’re not sure maybe you should just stay put…hmmm…this didn’t go as planned.  Regardless!  Follow me on twitter! 79semifinalist.




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